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2014 Sacramento Spring Recap/results

Sac Spring Open Table Tennis Tournament – Held at Inderkum High in Sacramento on May 10, 2014.

This turned out to be quite the tournament, as 156 players turned out and very much enjoyed the morning Giant Round Robin singles format for most all events!  This allowed all players from the initial round robin to advance to either Class "A" "B" or "C" in each Event!  Adrian Lungu had a nice run in winning both the U-1900 "C", and U-1550 "B"!  Masoud Dehdashti also brought home double hardware from the U-2250 "C", and the 1900 "B", as did Sudhanva Bharadwaj from getting 2nd in U-1550 "C" and 1st in U-1200 "A", as did Ethan Liu in 850 "A" and 500 "A", as did Aziz Zarehbin in 500 "B", and 150 "A"!  Cong Xiao cashed in by taking 1st the 1900 "A" over Sanjay Bharadwaj in a tough 5 gamer, as did Trieu Nguyen in the 2250 "A" in straight games, with 2nd going to Keiran Mark Pinili.  Open Singles featured several impressive 2300-2600 level players and was won by Zihong Huang over Weijan Zhang.  The Semi's featured a couple youngsters putting up a tremendous fight, as Krish Avvari stretched Zhang to 5 games, and Victor Liu took a game from Champion Huang as well!  And then, in the afternoon we held 3 player team events for all levels, providing a fun change of pace along with some terrific comaraderie! The top Division, U-6900 saw 3 teenagers,  namely Shivi Kumar, Victor Liu, and Jordan Wong join forces to capture the top honors! Drama unfolded in the U-6000 semi's as Renata Sipos up from Arizona with her husband and fellow teammate Stelian made quite the comeback in her match against Tarun Tandon, which propelled her team, which included local George Seicean into the Finals, where they fell to Trieu Nguyen, Tra Tran, and Khan Le.  The U-5100 Final was a dogfight right to the last match.  An exhausted but determined Wendy Chen pulled out a 5 game win for her team to force the final match to be played, where Andy Lin finally ended it all in victory for his team!  The main mission though of lots of fun and play for everyone was accomplished with all the close matches! Check out the scores/results for 1st and 2nd place winners for each division below.
Event, 1st Place, 2nd Place, Scores.
Open, Zihong Huang, Weijan Zhang, -6,3,6,7. 
2250 A, Trieu Nguyen, Keiran Pinili, 5,6,10. 
2250 B, Saarthak Singhal, Adil Dhanini, 5,7,10. 
2250 C, Masoud Dehdashti, Paul Villacarlos, 4,9,-8,7. 1900 A, Cong Xiao, Sanjay Bharadwaj, -5,6,6,-5,6. 
1900 B, Wendy Chen, Masoud Dehdashti, 4,9,-12,8. 
1900 C, Adrian Lungu, Navid Afrah, 8,7,9. 
1550 A, Scott Fong, Pruthvi Innamuri, 9,7,-5,-9,7. 
1550 B, Adrian Lungu, Dhruv Sampat, 8,9,8. 
1550 C, Nelson Cortez, Sudhanva Bharadwaj, 7,3,9. 
1200 A, Sudhanva Bharadwaj, Nathan Lee, -9,8,9,6 
1200 B, Thomas Tran, Daniel Wong, 10, 111,-9,7. 
1200 C, Ethan Chen, Robert Feist, 6,7,11. 
850 A, Max Yeh, Ethan Liu, 9,11,3. 
850 B, Jimmy Huang, Atul Raman, 5,9,6. 
850 C, Aschwin Sankurati, Gandhar Mannur, 10,6,7. 
500 A, Ethan Liu, Bala Balasubramanian, 8,7,8. 
500 B, Michelle Lin, Aziz Zarehbin, 7,7,-9,7. 
500 C, Vlad Dimitriy, Natalie Chu, 3,7,-8,8. 
150 A, Justin Yang, Aziz Zarehbin, 3,-6,-11,8,5. 
150 B, Jimmy Goodwin, Rishib Amadhasagaram, 7,-11,-9,5,3. 
Team Events: 
6900, Victor Liu/Shivi Kumar/Jordan Wong, Jordan Yee/Krish Avvari/ Edmond Tu, 3-0. 
6000, Trieu Nguyen/Tra Tran/Khan Le, George Seicean/Stelian Furdui/Renata Sipos, 3-0. 
5100, Alex Yuen/Andy Lin/Peter Young, Zheng Fu/Shawn Fong/Wendy Chen, 3-2. 
4200, David Yang/Scott Fong/Ethan Chen, Mickey Boyle/Craig Mitchell/ Robert Feist, 3-0. 
3300, Tina Chen/Kai Zarehbin/Jimmy Huang, Andrew Streng/Robert Goff/Emmanuel Scudder, 3-0. 
1500, Bala Balasubramanian/Akash Alamuthu/Anarag Kache, Ethan Liu/Derrick Phan/Ryan Wu, 3-0. 
600, Nick Horn/Kenny Rollins/Eduardo Rodriguez, Aziz Zarehbin/Michelle Lin/Natalie Chu, 3-2

2014 Sacramento Winter Open Recap/results

Held March 1st  2014 at Inderkum High in Sacramento
submitted by James Therriault.

With U.S. Champion Timothy Wang on hand to battle the talented Jiaqi Zheng to capture the Open; and along with 165 other participants who went at it of all ages, sizes, and levels, this was truly an amazing tournament! Matches started at 9:45am and continued through-out the day on 36 tables in the 22 different round robin divisions of play!
Many had a breakout day: Sergey Tsvor was on his game in winning the U-2100 and reaching semi’s in U-2250. Tian Xie won both U-1950 and U-1825! Pranav Tatravahi took the U-1575 and then the U-2800 Doubles with Sruti Raman! Pruthvi Innamuri placed 3rd in U-1325 and also won the U-1450!
But maybe even more impressive was the play of a couple of our smallest/youngest players like Jonathan Kong who won U-825 and U-550, Stacy Nguyen who won U-400 and got 2nd in U-250, while Aneesh Raghaven did just the opposite in taking the U-250 and placing 2nd in U-400.

A determined Kai Zarabin won the U-1200 and U-700 even if it meant playing late into the night!

Thanks to all players for a full day of great play and excitement! Look for our Spring Open on Saturday May 10, where we may hold a team or giant rr event!
Here are all the 1st-4th results below:

Event, 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd & 4th place:
Open, Timothy Wang, Jiaqi Zheng, Huaiyu Chen & Shashin Shodhan
2400, Jordan Yee, Zheng Yu Sun, Hiromasa Takemura & Opendro Thouraojam
2250, Olaf Surmann, Nelson Yu, Sergey Tsvor & Wai Wong
2100, Sergey Tsvor, Nelson Yu, Arun Sharma & Tian Xie
1950, Tian Xie, Tarun Tandon, Aziz Mugren, & Joshua Cheng
1825, Tian Xie, Joshua Cheng, Nick Zavastitsa & Wendy Chen
1700, Alex Yuen, Radu Licea, Ryan Chen & Jaideep Singh
1575, Pranav Tatravahi, Jaideep Singh, Nick Zavastitsa & Wendy Chen
1450, Pruthvi innamuri, Shiju Tharun, Sahil Jain & Navid Afrah
1325, Tharun Shiju, Andrew Streng, Pruthvi Innamuri & Chris Ziyalin
1200, Kai Zarabin, Jonathan Kong, Craig Mitchell & Navid Afrah
1075, Evan Chen, Nelson Cortez, Navid Afrah & Mike McRitchie
950, Ethan Chen, Abhinav Gunda, Chinmay Gharpure & Nathan Lee
700, Kai Zarabin, Jonathan, Faith Tung & Chinmay Gharpure
550, Jonathan Kong, Rachel Cheng, Emily Yang & Nathan Lee
400, Stacy Nguyen, Aneesh Raghaven, Ethan Liu & Aarushi Bajpai
250 Aneesh Raghaven, Stacy Nguyen, Alice Fu & Michelle Lin
100,Amir Dhami, Avery Chan, Joseph Zou
High School, Nick Horn, Kenny Rollins
3300 Dbls, Stephen Alfred/Craig Mitchell, Howard Lindo/Angel Soltero
2800 Dbls, Pranav Tatravahi/Sruti Raman, Stephen Alfred/David Webb
2300 Dbls, Ken Sandberg/Yung Ma, V. Alamuthu/ Akash Alamuthu

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